Felt animal cubes

IMG_4926One of my favourite projects of the last few years has been these felt animal cubes I made for the little one while pregnant. The idea came from this etsy shop, but it doesn’t look like they currently have any on show. When I saw them, I immediately had one of those “I could make that” moments and set about planning my first few animals – a lion, a parrot and a penguin. I’m not by any means a perfectionist and I gave myself full licence to dive in, haveĀ  a go and see what happened. I ended up making eight cubes (roughly 10cm square) for our little one, and three smaller ones (roughly 8cm square) for my nephew. They’re so simple to make, and the best part is they have actually become favourite toys in our house. Not only are they lovely soft toys, they’re great for stacking, hiding, and teaching colours and animal names.IMG_9749 I learned a lot making these. For example, in the photo above you can see I sewed right across the bottom of the penguin’s white tummy with black. Now I know you can use two different colours of thread on a sewing machine which would have made the finish a little neater. IMG_4931 If you’re thinking of having a go at making any similar to the ones in this post and have questions let me know and I’ll be happy to try and answer them. Or if you’d particularly like a tutorial for any of them, leave a comment. I’m happy to share my processes but I would say that half the fun for me was figuring out ways to make a three dimensional monkey’s tail or a pig’s snout that would hold up to some fairly rough handling.

I will be making a new cube in the coming months – a panda. Look out for a full tutorial when it’s done!


On this day – 22nd November

IMG_0941{A teddy and books from our childhoods – awaiting a new owner}

On this day one year ago I photographed our baby boy’s nursery. I was 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant and was eagerly anticipating his arrival. In the end it took him almost another three weeks to make his appearance but he was so worth the wait.

Ten minute book review: Starter for Ten

Starter for TenAuthor: David Nicholls (Also wrote One Day).

Main character: Brian Jackson, first year university student. Lazy, bad spots, has a habit of making terrible jokes at just the wrong moment.

The story: Starter for Ten follows Brian as he heads off to university where he meets beautiful fellow student Alice. He is determined both to win her love and to appear on University Challenge. The everyday happenings of Brian’s life are nothing out of the ordinary but his internal monologue and uncomfortably accurate awareness of what others think of him (and occasionally, lack of it) are what made this book stand out for me.

In three words: Funny, real, awkward.

Read again: No, but I’d read more of Nicholls’ books.