Felt Fruit

I was inspired by Apartment Therapy’s play food felt-a-long to make the little one a box of play fruit for Christmas. I mostly used tutorials from the extensive list they’ve put together but made a couple of my own additions: a half kiwi fruit and a partly peeled banana.

IMG_4937 I’m not a seasoned blogger so of course it only occurred to me to take photos part-way through making the kiwi, and well after the banana was completed. Here are a few of the steps for the kiwi fruit. If there is any interest in a tutorial for the banana, let me know in the comments.

IMG_20141123_210416371Fairly simple start to the kiwi – cut an oval of light green felt, and a smaller rough oval of cream. Stitch the cream one to the green with cream thread. I used running stitch. Stitch “seeds” around the cream oval onto the green in black thread.

IMG_20141123_211235640These can be as haphazard as you like, this is not the time to strive for perfection.

IMG_20141123_211450647 When your seeds are finished cut a piece of light brown felt. The top edge should be a little longer than the circumference of your green oval.

IMG_20141124_093726870IMG_20141124_130320695I used blanket stitch to attach the brown and green felt together. This is the time to bring out those perfectionist tendancies!

IMG_20141124_182505658When its all attached, sew down the edge (again, I used blanket stitch). Then sew in and out all the way around the bottom with running stitch. Just before you pull it tight, add the stuffing. Then stitch it closed and ta-dah, you have yourself half a kiwi fruit!



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