Festive star wreath

Last week on a whim, and with at least three other more important things on my to do list, I decided to take the plunge and try making a wreath. I have wanted to ever since seeing this round up (and especially this rosemary wreath – so simple). I’ve never done one before and have only given the many many tutorials a cursory glance, but I went straight in. It was nap time so no chance to pop out so I used what I had. That meant a star shaped base rather than a circle – we have a whole pile of sticks from cutting back the garden trees this year.


There were a few straight-ish branches so I sawed them down to similar lengths. The next step was to tie them together. No garden wire to hand which would have been my first choice, so I went with the plain old string I found lurking under the kitchen sink. First I tied the five points but the corners needed securing as well to hold the shape rigid.

IMG_5324That turned out to be useful later for tucking the greenery into. Once that was done I raided the garden for greenery and a bit of colour in the form of dogwood twigs and hawthorn berries. Then the layering began. I had gleaned from my readings that things look better if you stick to going in one direction so I tried to go with pointing everything upwards. At this point I realised it would have been better (and so much easier to get a nice look) if my string had been green instead of white but again – nap time.

IMG_5327Once I felt there was enough green I added the berries, which did help give a finished look. The whole thing probably took around an hour and a half so if you are tempted to give it a go, there is still time before Christmas!



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