A Painted Gift

Happy New Year everyone! Today I’m sharing a project I completed just before Christmas as a gift for the little one.

One of his favourite books at the moment is ‘Come on Daisy’ by Jane Simmons. I’d never heard of it before but we got it out of the library the first time we went and then renewed it about five times before finally returning it. The Daisy books were one of the first things I suggested when family began asking for Christmas present ideas for him.

I decided it would be fun to try making a Daisy artwork for his bedroom. I don’t know how long the interest in ducks will last but it made a good project and having it in mind as a Christmas present meant I had a deadline. Always good.

1412 CraftMy first step was to paint the background – a splodge of a few different blues, green and white on a plate, and a nice wide sponge “brush” and I spread it over the canvas until it looked right. I always overestimate how much paint I’ll need. Luckily with acrylics you can cover the plate in clingfilm (pressing it close down into the paint) and it stops it from drying out for a few days. This helps when doing multiple coats of the same colour as well as you don’t need to match the colour you’ve previously mixed.

Once that was done, I drew the outline in pencil and began colouring. The issue with painting the whole background first is that then lighter colours like yellows need a few coats to stop it showing through. When the base colours for each section were done I started the shading – a lighter red on the top of the beak and feet, the darker edges of the leaf and so on.

1412 Craft1Again, my method is keep going until it looks right and then stop. Sometimes the stopping gets missed and I have to go back a bit. I used acrylics and the brilliant thing is if you paint something and then decide straight away it looks wrong, you can usually fix it with water and some kitchen roll.

IMG_5336I added the dragonfly at the end and finally it was done. The whole thing probably took about 3 hours, but with lots of drying time in between. I did it over a week, a little bit every day. In reality the colours are a little brighter than in the pictures. I was so pleased with how it came out and I’m sure the little one will enjoy having it in his bedroom in 2015.


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