Reading lately – May 2015

I fell off the wagon a bit with reading this month, so just a couple of books to mention. I always struggle to get into the next book after reading one I’ve really enjoyed which is why I stalled in May. But I’ve just started The Flight of the Maidens so hopefully June will go better.

The Well-Versed Family by Caroline Boykin

I heard Caroline speaking on the God Centred Mom podcast and was so inspired I went and bought her book before the episode even finished. Which was a blessing as I’ve already finished it, but also a mistake as they mention at the end of the podcast that the second edition has just come out. If you’re interested you may want to look out for that, but I can say the first edition was great too. It’s practical, inspiring and encouraging. Everything refers back to the Bible, and I’m so excited to start teaching the little one scripture and helping him learn to apply it to life in a year or so.

Disciplines of a Godly Family by Kent and Barbara Hughes

This wasn’t as accessible, but still had a lot of good points and ideas. The authors go into great detail about their own experiences and strategies which I don’t think would work for every family. I found their chapter on praying for your children particularly useful and it’s inspired me to be much more structured, specific and intentional about praying for the little one.


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